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I'm Bennett Schwartz

Being in education for over 11 years, Bennett has been helping people live their best possible lives for years. Currently as a high performance executive coach, Bennett guides his clients to reach real results.

While working on getting clarity on their vision and strategy, Bennett works on their mindset and holds them accountable as well. Bennett is the founder of CWB, a coaching practice, that has an array of coaching fields. 

"Bennett has been a fantastiv asset for me in my business growth. Like many coaches he is very knowledgeable, but what makes Bennett unique is his ability to meet me exactly where I am and at my level of growth in my specific company."

- Y.S.


"Bennett is always there when you need him. He also helps put things into the right perspective before a big meeting"

- E.M.

"Bennett has a wealth of useful information and he is generous what sharing what he knows. I am grateful to have learned from his leadership and expertise."

- J.L.