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Speakers and Topics

Abbey Wolin

Founder of Abbey & Co. Brand Strategist

How to market yourself and grow your Instagram following.

 Jan. 8th, 8PM EST

Chayale Kaufman

Founder of Jewish Content Network

The Art of the Sale through scaling your Linkedin community.

Jan. 9th, 8PM EST

Nachi Gordon

Founder and CEO of Meaningful Minute, Host of the Meaningful People Podcast

How to brand yourself and create content in such a competitive market.

Jan. 10th, 8PM EST

Bennett Schwartz

High-Performance and Executive Coach

The High Performers perspective on growing your business.

Jan. 11th, 8PM EST

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If you are looking to GO ALL IN on your social platforms, this is the event for you!

Hear what people are saying about our Events!!!

Sara P.

"The event helped me focus on Going All In! Getting the most out of each day, your relationships, your goals. I love the whatsapp each day: Tons of encouragement!"

Avi S.

"This event gave me so much clarity in the position where I am at work and then when I got my call with Bennett for 20 min. he made me realize the skills I have that I simply did not realize until he opened my eyes."

Shani M.

"This series pumps up your adrenaline and helps you feel the excitement of achieving your goals! It also gives you the tools to stay focused and keep the energy going without fizzling out!"

Moshe B.

"Bennett has a tremendous amount of energy which in turn leads to loads of motivation. His webinar was a great asset to anyone who participated."

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We're here to help make a change!

Going All In is a 4 night event where we are going to go over practical tips and pointers on what we need to do in order to step into our greatness.

But it's not over after the 4 days.

By joining the CWB  community you will have the accountability of professionals helping you reach your highest potential. Led by Bennett Schwartz and his team, you'll have support to continue growing after the these 4 days.

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What is CWB?

Coaching With Bennett (CWB) is a coaching practice that helps people live their best lives possible. Understanding that all aspects of life are interconnected, CWB takes the whole picture into account and helps their clients reach their highest potential in Personal Development, Business, Relationships and Health.

Do you know someone

  • Who is frustrated that they want to be doing more?
  • Who keeps hoping something is going to change, but doesn’t do anything different?
  • Who’s always worried about the next business deal and as a result can’t enjoy spending time with people that are most important to them?

These are the types of people that CWB assists.

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What is Coaching?

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