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If you are looking to GO ALL IN on your life, this is the event for you!

Speakers and Topics

Bennett Schwartz

High-Performance and Executive Coach

Tips and tricks to grow your Confidence, Decision Making and Drive.

Nov. 1st, 8PM EST

Gedale Fenster

 Global Entrepreneur, Investor, Motivational Speaker

Why Investing in yourself is the hands down Best Investment.

Oct. 30th, 8PM EST

Rabbi YY Jacobson

World-Renowned Lecturer; Dean of TheYeshiva.net

The Hidden Secrets on what makes Relationships Flourish.

Nov. 2nd, 8PM EST

Ira Zlotowitz

Founder & CEO at GPARENCY

The few Changes anyone can make to live a Financially Free life.

Oct. 31st, 8PM EST

Stacey Zrihen

Certified Financial Planner

Making Millions by Saving?!

Nov. 1st, 8PM EST

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We're here to help make a change!

Going All In is a 4 night event where we are going to go over practical tips and pointers on what we need to do in order to step into our greatness.

But it's not over after the 4 days.

By joining the CWB  community you will have the accountability of professionals helping you reach your highest potential. Led by Bennett Schwartz and his team, you'll have support to continue growing after the these 4 days.

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What is CWB?

Coaching With Bennett (CWB) is a coaching practice that helps people live their best lives possible. Understanding that all aspects of life are interconnected, CWB takes the whole picture into account and helps their clients reach their highest potential in Personal Development, Business, Relationships and Health.

Do you know someone

  • Who is frustrated that they want to be doing more?
  • Who keeps hoping something is going to change, but doesn’t do anything different?
  • Who’s always worried about the next business deal and as a result can’t enjoy spending time with people that are most important to them?

These are the types of people that CWB assists.

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Looking to GO ALL IN on your life? Learn what you need to do in this event.

What is Coaching?

What's all the fuss about this coaching thing and why would someone need a coach? Watch to see


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